Tedious. Frustrating. Expensive. Time-consuming. These are a few adjectives that best describe the process of implementing new manufacturing software in all industries, including cannabis. The journey—really, it’s more of a slog—from signing the contract with the reseller or consulting firm and finally witnessing the new software in action normally takes at least six months, and often a year or more.

All along, as the brand treads water with old protocols and systems, company leaders devote valuable time to meetings with the consultants as they slowly incorporate pieces of the company’s manufacturing processes into the system. One roadblock, among many: Resellers and consultants routinely want everything to be perfect before switching manufacturing over to the new system.

The entire clunky, unwieldy transformation prevents companies from embracing new technologies, eats up far too much time and capital for those that do, and fails to give company leaders an understanding of how things will change until the day when everything pivots, all at once. Fingers crossed that it at least meets expectations.

It doesn’t need to be so maddening. With Batchbud cannabis manufacturing software, brands begin to realize commercial advantages the day they begin migrating processes to the platform. Batchbud has onboarded brands in as little as 10 days. Normally, it takes no more than a month for the company to begin gaining consequential value as it folds Batchbud into its processes.

Cannabis Manufacturing Software That Scales Along With Your Business

Rather than incorporating a brand’s every process into the software before pivoting the company to the new platform, Batchbud implements changes on the fly. 

Batchbud works with company leaders to gain key data, like inventory, and start flowing it into the system. In edibles manufacturing, for example,  Batchbud works with management to determine a representative manufacturing process recipe. And then Batchbud walks brand leaders through the production cycle, a process that immediately begins yielding value. Once that is established, Batchbud uses it as a template for the rest of the company’s cannabis manufacturing processes. 

Batchbud software evolves at the same pace as the brand. As customers add new recipes and incorporate research and development procedures and data into the platform, the software seamlessly folds it into the framework. The nimble approach lets brands shape the software as they see fit, rather than forcing them to squeeze their work procedures and processes into a pre-ordained straitjacket.

Cannabinoid Dosing Makes Cannabis Industry Unique

Batchbud’s founders built the company because they discovered traditional manufacturing software was ill-equipped to address the complex and quirky cannabis industry. A principal difference between cannabis and traditional manufacturing is cannabinoid dosing. A bakery pumping out chocolate chip cookies for supermarkets doesn’t need to worry about adding precise, and regulated, amounts of ingredients like THC into its products. If the flour or sugar quotient in the cookie goes off kilter a little bit, it might affect the flavor, but the problem ends there. With cannabis edibles manufacturing, however, state regulators can heavily fine and even shut down brands for failing to accurately dose products with precise quantities of cannabinoids. 

Regulatory compliance details are fundamental to cannabis manufacturing, but traditional manufacturing software lacked the tools to make dosing central. With Batchbud, however, accounting for and tracking proper cannabinoid dosing serves as one of the company’s foundations.

With the emergence of myriad other botanical ingredients, such as CBD, valerian root, terpenes and turmeric, into cannabis manufacturing, Batchbud’s granular approach to dosing becomes even more powerful. This approach also allows Batchbud to serve other industries, like nutraceuticals, that rely on precision dosing.

The Batchbud Cost Advantage

Adding Batchbud cannabis manufacturing software into any brand’s systems quickly leads to savings. For one thing, customers who use Batchbud often find cost savings and efficiencies in a manner of weeks; other software solutions are much more expensive, and incorporating them into the company’s processes takes much longer.

But the cost savings extend beyond comparisons to competing platforms. One customer, for example, was able to reconcile an expensive inventory issue that had plagued the brand after using Batchbud for just over a month. Other customers find that Batchbud’s oversight of all aspects of manufacturing helps them avoid costly hiccups, such as lacking packaging inventory, that halt production and chip away at profits.

Cannabis Manufacturing Software Finally Arrives

As the cannabis industry matures, increasingly more brands seek to say goodbye to their spreadsheets and data entry tasks and implement cannabis manufacturing software. Unfortunately, traditional software solutions take far too long to onboard, cost too much, and fail to address the many nuances that make cannabis manufacturing unique.

Batchbud recognized these problems with traditional software from the beginning, and created a product geared specifically toward the cannabis industry and its many unusual requirements and regulatory hurdles. Batchbud starts saving companies money almost immediately, and prioritizes essential cannabis manufacturing issues, like dosing, into its powerful platform.

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